Ryan Lochte Makes A Splash With His Shocking New Olympic Hair

It's a new hue!

Ryan Lochte, a five-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer, just unveiled his secret weapon that’ll at least win him more attention at the Rio Games: His hair.

The heartthrob showed off his bleached ’do on Instagram, writing, “Rio ready!”

Lochte, who celebrates his 32nd birthday on Wednesday, qualified for the 200 meter individual medley and the 800 freestyle relay.

The swimmer has admitted to projecting a “frat boy” image in the past and being affected by his celebrity. We’re not sure if his flashy new hue changes anything, but we approve of the ice-blue tint’s match with the pool.

In hair and in life, go for the gold, Ryan!

Rio ready!! 🛫 #2016 #olympics #usa

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