The New York Post Just Sank Ryan Lochte

"Liar, liar, Speedo on fire."

Ryan Lochte has barely been treading water ever since Thursday, when two of his teammates told police in Brazil that the U.S. Olympic swimmer fabricated his story about getting robbed at gunpoint at a gas station in Rio de Janeiro. 

The New York Post entered the conversation on Friday with the stroke of genius:

(It’s worth noting HuffPost splashed the same headline on its front page Thursday afternoon.)

As it turns out, Brazilian authorities say Lochte and three other Team USA swimmers broke a bathroom door and paid for the damage in cash. The athletes never had a gun drawn on them, according to the officials. 

“Sometimes, as I’ve traveled overseas, I’ve been troubled by that notion, of the assumption of the Ugly American,” columnist Mike Vaccaro writes in the cover story. “I’ve thought it a cartoon, a caricature, whose time was surely over.”

“And then, sometimes, you see someone like Ryan Lochte open his mouth,” he adds. 

We’ll give this cover a silver medal, only because it features Lochte without his silver hair