Ryan Murphy Confirms All 'American Horror Story' Seasons Are Connected

Ryan Murphy Confirms 'American Horror Story' Seasons Are Connected

Following months of speculation, Ryan Murphy has confirmed that all seasons of "American Horror Story" are connected. Murphy revealed the news during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, published on Friday:

They’re all connected. We’re just beginning to tell you how they’re connected. They’re all very separate but there’s clues every season that we’re now telling you how the different worlds are intertwined.

Murphy's words are music to the ears of fans who have speculated for months about ties between the show's four seasons. Back in July, it was revealed that Naomi Grossman's Pepper, from Season 2's "Asylum," would return for the current season, "Freak Show." In keeping with the Season 2 theme, Lily Rabe will reappear on the anthology series as her "Asylum" character, Sister Mary Eunice, for an upcoming "Freak Show" episode. Sites such as Vulture found many other connections between the four seasons, as did Reddit users. (One fan theory is that Season 5 could be about Area 51 and aliens, which would tie that forthcoming run to "Asylum" as well.)

"Part of the fun of the show is the Rubik’s cube design of it, but, yes, there are purposeful connections, character connections, and similarities and things that connect that we’ll continue to connect moving forward," Murphy told EW.com.

One of these clues is the scene where the character Maggie (Emma Roberts) is handed a coffee cup and there is a close up on a top hat, which the show creator confirmed is actually a clue for Season 5. Start your guessing now ...

For the full interview with Murphy, head to EW.com.

"AHS: Freak Show" airs Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. ET on FX.

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Jessica Lange as Elsa Mars
Frank Ockenfels/FX
The former German cabaret star runs one of the last-standing freak shows in America. She's not purely evil though, since she does care for her performers.
Sarah Paulson as Bette and Dot Tattler
Frank Ockenfels/FX
Bette and Dot are just what they seem: conjoined twins with two very different personalities. We have a feeling there's going to be lots of head-butting (pun totally not intended).
Kathy Bates as Ethel Darling
Frank Ockenfels/FX
She's a woman with a beard! Ethel used to be a circus star in the '20s and '30s, but after having a baby she became a drunk and lost it all. Now she's back for her second chance.
Angela Bassett as Desiree Dupree
Frank Ockenfels/FX
Desiree has three breasts and she's married to Dell Toledo, Ethel's ex-husband. We don't blame Ethel if she's intimidated.
Evan Peters as Jimmy Darling
Frank Ockenfels/FX
Everything seems pretty normal with Jimmy at first, but if you look closer you'll see that he has lobster-like hands. That's okay though, because he's pretty much the male leader of the troupe (until Dell comes along).
Michael Chiklis as Dell Toledo
Frank Ockenfels/FX
He's incredibly strong, his new wife has three breasts, his ex-wife has a beard, his son has lobster hands and he rocks leopard print like no man can. Dell Toledo, ladies and gentlemen!
Emma Roberts as Maggie Esmerelda
Frank Ockenfels/FX
Maggie Esmerelda sounds like a name for a con artist, and that's exactly what she is. She also has a crystal ball, which is pretty awesome.
Denis O'Hare as Stanley
Frank Ockenfels/FX
Finally we get to see Denis O'Hare's natural face in "AHS," sans burn scars and creepy Spaulding hair! His Stanley is also a con artist alongside Maggie.
Frances Conroy as Gloria Mott
Frank Ockenfels/FX
Who better to portray a wealthy woman than Frances Conroy. (It only makes sense following Myrtle Snow's taste in high fashion.)
Finn Wittrock as Dandy Mott
Michael Becker/FX
This "AHS" newcomer will play Dandy Mott, son of Gloria Mott, and he really wants to join the freak show.
Wes Bentley as Edward Mordrake
Michael Becker/FX
Based on the famous horror myth of a man with diprosopus, a very rare condition in which parts or all of the face are duplicated on the head, Edward Mordrake is a man with two faces. He'll appear in the season's two-part Halloween episodes, so that alone tells you just how scary this guy will be.

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