Ryan Murphy Reveals The Heartbreaking Reason He's So 'Prolific'


Television critics have called Ryan Murphy 'prolific,' something the writer has not taken as wholly positive. But while accepting the amfAR Inspiration Award Thursday night, he opened up about the emotional reason behind his profuse. 

At 16 years old, Murphy "picked up a guy" for the first time and saw a book about HIV/AIDS at that man's home. 

"I read that article as he was pouring [my] beverage, and I fled out the door. And in many ways, in my life, I can tell you, I have never stopped running," Murphy said, before talking about those who say his writing is "too much." "When it's engraved in you as a young person that you don't think you have a tomorrow, you wring every last drop out today, because you may not get another one." 

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The "American Horror Story" creator was honored Thursday at Milk Studios for his work in helping spread awareness about HIV/AIDS. Stars like Julia Roberts, Lea Michele, Matt Bomer, Jamie Lee Curtis and Angela Bassett joined in celebrating Murphy at the event. The gala raised over $3 million for AIDS research, according to Variety. 

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