Ryan Phillippe In 'Men's Health': Shirtless & Sad About Reese (PHOTO)

Ryan Phillippe In 'Men's Health': Shirtless & Sad About Reese (PHOTO)

A shirtless Ryan Phillippe covers the May issue of Men's Health, on newsstands Tuesday. Inside he talks about his divorce, his kids and getting older.

On his 2006 divorce from Reese Witherspoon:
"I still have sadness and complicated feelings about my divorce. But how beneficial is it to keep hanging onto those feelings? If someone lives through an accident, his aim is to become better and healthy. My aim is always to progress --- to make better decisions and be a better father, a better boyfriend, a better husband if it happens again."

On his kids with Reese:
"There's something about the kids knowing the parent is making the food for them with love. My kids think I'm an amazing cook, and that's all that matters."

On his ripped body:
"I like feeling strong...I want to throw my kids up in the air and wrestle them. Working out has become about functionality."


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