Ryan Reynolds Says Blake Lively Doesn't Get Writing Credit Due To 'Inherent Sexism'

Perhaps now the "Gossip Girl" star will get her due.

Ryan Reynolds spoke out on behalf of his wife and close collaborator, Blake Lively, in the hopes that she finally gets the credit she deserves.

Reynolds, who has been married to the “Gossip Girl” star for nearly 10 years, revealed that his wife has written some of his best lines, though she’s never gotten real recognition due to Hollywood’s “inherent sexism.”

“I write on a lot of my movies. It’s been a survival mechanism for me for a long time. Sometimes I’m credited, sometimes I’m not,” Reynolds said Thursday during an interview with SiriusXM’s Jess Cagle.

“There’s a lot of A-plus-plus writing that I’ve done that was actually Blake, that Blake would jump in, grab the keyboard and, ‘What about this?’ And I’d be like, ‘That’s incredible.’”

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds at the "Free Guy" premiere on Aug. 3 in New York City.
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds at the "Free Guy" premiere on Aug. 3 in New York City.
Gotham via Getty Images

“And you know, it’s funny. I don’t know. Maybe it’s ’cause there’s an inherent sexism in the business. I will say that a lot of times, ‘She wrote that ― Blake wrote that ― not me. ... That was her,’” the “Deadpool” star said.

“And it’s like, [people] still later on repeat the story as I wrote it. So she’s a really talented, multihyphenate kind of person in this weird burgoo of an entertainment industry that we work in.”

“She’s helped me so much in ‘Deadpool,’ all kinds of movies that have been big successes,” Reynolds added.

Perhaps now Lively will get her due.

The actor, who was originally asked about “the best part about being married to Blake Lively that people wouldn’t expect,” couldn’t resist getting in a quip about his wife. He and Cagle joked that her baked goods were also a nice perk of the relationship.

“Not complaining about that or the sex,” Reynolds added.

The writer and producer also promoted a bit of his own writing during the interview, telling Cagle about a short he’d written as a sort-of Disney and “Deadpool” crossover that didn’t make the cut.

“I know that Disney has a pretty storied history with short films,” Reynolds said, explaining that he wrote a short about “Deadpool interrogating the hunter who had killed Bambi’s mom.”

“The rug-pull of it though, is that you think that Deadpool’s going to kill the hunter. Deadpool was actually just a huge fan,” the actor added. “He wants to know how he too can be as loathed as the hunter is in the Disney universe.”

Reynolds said Disney killed the idea “immediately” and that “there’s absolutely no way” that idea is happening.

“I didn’t even try to fight it,” the actor said.

The writer and producer did get away with another short idea ― Disney-approved of course ― that you can learn more about in the video below: