Ryan Reynolds Says Blake Lively Drove Him To Hospital While She Was In Labor

Those two.

Ryan Reynolds just became a pioneer of sorts for expecting dads everywhere.

The “Deadpool 2” actor took to Twitter to remind his wife, actress Blake Lively, that she once drove him to the hospital when she was in labor.

Whether joking or not (we lean toward the former), give Reynolds props for daring to present such a scenario.

The two, who continue to be comedy couple darlings on social media, started the conversation Saturday when Lively posted a preview of her new movie “A Simple Favor.”

Reynolds then implored her to divulge a secret about her character Emily, who disappears. “You can tell me,” he wrote. “We’re married. You once drove me to the hospital when you were giving birth. So..what the fuck happened to Emily?”

To which Lively replied: “Oh darling, of all the secrets I’m keeping from you, this should be the LEAST of your concerns... trust me.”

The pair, who have two young daughters, are experts at ribbing each other. Lively recently teased her hubby’s bromance with actor Hugh Jackman, suggesting that Reynolds’ awkward pose in a photo with Jackman indicated something more.

“Is the extra distance between you supposed to convince me that you DON’T love him more than me?? Nice try,” she said.

Keep up the funny work, you two.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds attend a premiere of "A Quiet Place" in April.
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds attend a premiere of "A Quiet Place" in April.


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