Ryan Reynolds Knows Blake Lively Slays The Red Carpet, But Hey, She's No Beyoncé

To Ryan Reynolds, Queen Bey reigns.

Ryan Reynolds knows his wife, Blake Lively, is a Hollywood goddess, but he also knows the craziness that goes into getting her red-carpet ready.

During an appearance on AOL Build on Monday, the 38-year-old actor was asked by an audience member how he feels about Lively constantly "slaying" the red carpet. His answer proved that he's just like any other husband who watches their significant other get ready for a big event.

"My wife knows how to work a red carpet, I'll say that. Yeah, she might be the Beyoncé of red carpets," he said, before continuing, "She's turned that into an athletic event. I see what goes into that ... real science. It's unbelievable. You guys see the finished product, I see the totally destroyed closet, bedroom and kitchen by the time she walks out the door, so yeah, I don't even know how shoes got in the freezer. It's like that, it's seriously nuts. There's kung fu involved, it's really intense."

Reynolds also discussed the one-and-only Beyoncé, who is friendly with him and his wife. (Lively made Bey a beehive cake for her birthday last year.)

"She's the Michael Jordan of music to me. I've seen four of her shows, and thats what comes to mind every time," Reynolds said of Queen Bey. "She's incomparable, I guess you could just say. She's Beyoncé; you can't really say she's 'the this of the that.' Honestly, she's the Michael Jackson of Beyoncés."

Reynolds is currently promoting his new movie "Self/less," out Friday.

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