Ryan Reynolds' 'Detective Pikachu' Rides A Caffeine Buzz In New Trailer

This Pokemon is so cute when he's all jittery from the Joe.

This could be Ryan Reynolds’ most complex role ever.

A new trailer for “Detective Pikachu” dropped Tuesday, featuring Reynolds as the voice of the caffeine-addled, crime-fighting Pokemon — who is apparently suffering from amnesia.

He’s looking for detective Harry Goodman, and he isn’t afraid to down several hits of Joe to get the job done.

“Case closed, but still open until I solve it,” Reynolds’ Pikachu says.

An earlier trailer terrified some fans because of the live-action/CGI film’s realistic depictions of Pokemon monsters (in that fictional world anyway). But moviegoers eager for the May 10 release are hopefully used to the creatures by now.

A menacing Mewtwo gets an explosive scene in the new preview, which even features a cameo by Diplo.

Did you catch it? 

Watch the trailer above.