Ryan Reynolds Is Taking Detective Pikachu Role Way Too Seriously

The actor said he tried to lose 182 pounds to match Pikachu's weight "until doctors intervened,"

“Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds is really getting into his title role for “Detective Pikachu.”

Maybe too much?

Reynolds said in a video Monday that he vanished into the part of the little yellow detective (whom he voices) by assuming his identity off screen as well. “This is a funny anecdote,” Reynolds said. “I was on my way to pick up my daughters from school when I heard that I got the role. Well, I didn’t show up at school because Detective Pikachu, he doesn’t know who those two little girls are.” 

Reynolds’ real-life wife, Blake Lively, had something to say about that in a delightful cameo. But she really needs to watch her husband’s extreme dieting. Reynolds said he tried to drop 182 pounds to reach Pikachu’s weight “until doctors intervened.”

Watch the goofiness above.

“Detective Pikachu” opens on May 10.