Ryan Reynolds' 'Green Lantern' Plea For Coronavirus Masks Is Hilariously Helpful

The actor spells out just how far he'll go to secure safety equipment for front-line workers in the pandemic.

Leave it to actor Ryan Reynolds to roast one of his critically bashed movies in a plea for help in the coronavirus pandemic.

On Sunday he forwarded a tweet from former Canadian hockey star Hayley Wickenheiser that contained a list of desperately needed supplies for front-line Toronto health care workers. Masks topped the urgent call.

Reynolds pledged to send donors everything from personalized videos to bobbleheads to other memorabilia. “I’ll sign whatever you want,” he wrote.

Then the star used some dark humor to sweeten the deal with one of the cinematic duds in his career.

“Maybe you’re a sick son of a bitch and want me to sign some Green Lantern shit. Well guess what? I’ll sign that too, you sick son of a bitch. I’ll even raise your children as if they were my own — which trust me, you do NOT want. Any help will be rewarded generously.”

“Green Lantern,” which starred Reynolds as test pilot Hal Jordan who wears an alien ring that conveys superpowers, was described by Rotten Tomatoes as “noisy, overproduced and thinly written.”

Reynolds has mocked the movie from time to time. In an end-credits scene from Reynolds’ hugely popular “Deadpool 2,” the actor is shown admiring the script for “Green Lantern” back in time before Reynolds’ Deadpool shoots Reynolds in the head.

Reynolds also urged for PPE donations on Instagram, forwarding a funny photo of someone shopping in scuba gear.

Here are his tweets.

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