Everyone Thinks Ryan Reynolds Is Being Held Hostage In Taylor Swift's Couples Photo

Is there a squad eject button?

"If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends," is the lyric that likely resonated with Ryan Reynolds the most as Blake Lively laid out a negotiating package regarding his attendance at Taylor Swift's 4th of July celebration weekend.

But something Lively said must have done the trick (blasting Alanis Morissette at dangerous levels) because Reynolds participated in full, frolicking with a laundry list of celebs in the waters of Rhode Island and even posing for the most saccharine of couples pics. 

In the photo Reynolds might regret for the rest of his days, Lively sits happily perched on his lap between Hiddleswift pre-makeout and the non-famous couple that gifted the world this Instagram. But behind Reynold's warm chestnut eyes belies the greatest terror of them all: realizing you hate all of your wife's friends. 


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The internet quickly took note of Reynolds' dead-eyed expression, creating memes and tweets poking fun at how he looked like he'd rather be anywhere else -- even in a "Green Lantern" sequel. 

Is there a squad eject button? 



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