Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges In 'RIPD' Set Pics (PHOTOS)

Ryan Reynolds will once again be playing a supernatural hero, but have no fear, movie-going public that hated "Green Lantern": it'll be all his own body this time around.

Well, for the most part.

Playing slain police officer Nick Walker, who pledges 100 years of service to the afterlife police force, the "RIPD," in exchange for the opportunity to hunt down his killer, Reynolds was snapped on set Tuesday wearing some fancy threads and a classic leather gun holster like an old time detective. Perhaps he got the style tip from his partner; Jeff Bridges plays an old force veteran who teams up with Reynolds on the hunt. Kevin Bacon will play that murderer.

Interestingly, when the pair walk amongst the living, their bodies take on different forms -- presumably because it'd be weird to see two guys people thought were dead, hanging out, alive in the flesh. Bridges' earth body will be a much sexier one, in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and Victoria's Secret model Marisa Miller.

The film is shooting in New England and is set for a 2013 release.