Ryan Reynolds Once 'Jumped Into A Dead Horse,' As One Does

You can't make this stuff up.
This is going to take a lot of time to get over. 
This is going to take a lot of time to get over. 

Ryan Reynolds just gave new meaning to "beating a dead horse." 

The "Deadpool" star relayed a cringeworthy tale involving a horse on Wednesday night's episode of "The Late Late Show with James Corden." 

Corden asked Reynolds about his cross-country motorcycle trips and the 39-year-old actor got onto the subject of relieving himself. Naturally, Reynolds gave away WAY more than we were expecting. 

"We pulled over on the side and it was just this god-awful stench," Reynolds explained to fellow guests Katie Holmes and Judd Apatow and host Corden. "... And I had to pee so I just got off the bike and jumped over this little hedge and I jumped down into this little ravine and I realized as soon as I jumped in there, I jumped into a dead horse. Like, up to my knees." 

But did he get to pee? Watch the rest of his beastly story below: 

"I didn't even want to get rid of my pants, I wanted to go to the hospital and get my legs cut off," Reynolds said.

Aside from all this horsing around, Reynolds has been on a roll with his movie, "Deadpool." The Marvel hit smashed box-office records, pulling in $132.7 million for the biggest R-rated opening weekend ever, among many other milestones. 

Reynolds has been hogging the spotlight for all the right reasons on this press tour, scoring a hilariously unprepared interview with Hugh Jackman, dishing on his #couplegoals relationship with wife Blake Lively and even helping a fan raise money for his cancer treatment. Now that's our kind of superhero! 

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