Ryan Reynolds Started A Twitter Beef With Paddington Bear And All Hell Broke Loose

The "Deadpool" vs. "Paddington" feud is so 2018.

Has actor Ryan Reynolds taken his Twitter banter too far?

The “Deadpool” star is famous for his acerbic social media posts, using witty clap backs to mock those in his path. No one appears off limits, including wife Blake Livelybrother Jeff, and his young daughter.

But on Wednesday, Reynolds risked his Twitter comeback crown by sparking a beef with a fictional character beloved by children and adults around the world.

Yes, Reynolds went there by warning the adorable, marmalade-loving, friendly Paddington Bear from Peru to “watch your fucking back.”

How. Could. He?


“Deadpool 2” is nominated in the Best Movie and Best Action Movie categories at the 2018 E! People’s Choice Awards. Reynolds is nominated for Best Male Movie Star and Best Action Movie Star.

“Paddington 2,” meanwhile, is up for the Best Family Film award ― which Reynolds appeared to be faux outraged by. 

Paddington’s official Twitter account fired back in the only way the character knows how:

British actor Hugh Bonneville, who portrays Paddington’s foster father Henry Brown in the movie franchise, got involved in the feud:

As did hundreds of other tweeters, with many taking Paddington’s side: