Ryan Reynolds Reveals Blake Lively's Perfect Response To His Birthday Tweet

“I got a two-for-one there, really."

Ryan Reynolds has been very vocal on Twitter ever since his character Deadpool made his big screen debut earlier this year.

Tweet after tweet, he makes us laugh, cry and ugly laugh-cry. But no other tweet amused us quite as much as his birthday message to Billy Ray Cyrus Blake Lively last week.

Well, while catching up with Reynolds during the launch of his #Hug2Give campaign with Eddie Bauer and American Forests on Tuesday in New York, the actor revealed Lively’s reaction to the hilarious tweet.

“I got a two-for-one there, really,” he joked to The Huffington Post. “I got to be slapped in the face by my wife later and I got to say hello to Billy Ray Cyrus. It was pretty great.”

Reynolds knows his social media game is strong, but he’s really just trying to emulate that beloved antihero.

“[Deadpool] is a good get-out-of-jail-free card on Twitter,” he said. “You can just sort of say what you want to say.”


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