Sex With Ryan Reynolds Is Laughable, According To Ryan Reynolds

It's not just gossip, girl.

Let's give 'em something to laugh about, right, Ryan Reynolds?

Mr. Blake Lively accepted the award for Best Comedic Performance at the MTV Movie Awards on Saturday for his turn as the Merc with a Mouth in Marvel's smash hit "Deadpool." 

After presenters Zac Efron and Seth Rogen (wearing a fake muscle suit, of course) announced his name, a "Deadpool"-inspired dance troupe came out of nowhere to perform a quick number to Salt-N-Pepa's "Shoop," a personal favorite of the comic book character. 

@TheOscars, step your game up. 

"For starters, I'm really [glad] Amy Schumer didn't win," he said, referencing the "Trainwreck" star who was nominated for the same award, according to People.  "That would have been really weird with those dancers."

Reynolds then went on to thank the dedicated fans who have supported the project through thick -- "Deadpool" becoming the third highest-grossing movie of 2016 -- and thin -- "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." 

"You pushed it over the top," he told die-hard Deadpoolers. 

But the kicker to his speech was what award show gold is made of. Before he exited the stage, he made sure to mention wife and actress Blake Lively.

"Everything I do is to make her laugh, especially the sex," he said. 

Aw, Ryan. You shouldn't have. 

No, seriously. You shouldn't have. 



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