Ryan Reynolds Trolls Blake Lively So Hard On Her 32nd Birthday

The "Deadpool" actor revealed another side to his photogenic wife.

Ryan Reynolds just gave wife Blake Lively the gift of a terrific trolling on her 32nd birthday.

The “Deadpool” star posted a series of photos on Instagram Sunday showing “The Shallows” actor with her eyes closed or looking away from the camera. They’re generally not the kind of images that would make the cut if the movie stars were in Hollywood mode.

You were expecting Reynolds, a social media prankster king, to get mushy on his pregnant wife’s birthday? Hah!

Be sure to click the little arrow tab below to see all the photos.

Payback is probably coming. Lively, no stranger to social media joking, went sentimental earlier this month when she got Reynolds a truly sweet gift for his birthday ― a painting of him as a kid delivering newspapers in front of his childhood home. Reynold showed off his present on Instagram.

But gooey often turns to kidding with this fun-loving pair, so be on the lookout.

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