Ryan Reynolds Went On A South Korean Singing Show Disguised As A Unicorn

Oh, and he sang “Tomorrow” from the musical “Annie.”🦄🌈🎤

Well, this is truly magical.

Over the weekend, Ryan Reynolds was in South Korea on a press tour for “Deadpool 2” and decided to make a surprise appearance on a Korean singing competition called “King of Mask Singer.” During the show, two singers battle it out in full disguise so that “only the pure vocal talents shine through.”

Reynolds cloaked his identity with the help of a unicorn mask and a glittery rainbow cape.

He also decided to belt out “Tomorrow” from the musical “Annie.” Believe it or not, the 41-year-old has a pretty decent voice.

In a second equally surreal clip, Reynolds reveals himself, causing the audience and judges to go bonkers.

After his unveiling, Reynolds apologized for this performance (“I’m so sorry about that song”) and then shouts out, “Donald Trump? DONALD TRUMP?” after a judge admits that he thought the president was the disguised performer and not Reynolds.

People on Twitter absolutely loved the actor’s appearance on the show.

Thanks for clearing away the cobwebs and the sorrow with this hilarious appearance, Ryan!

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