Ryan Reynolds Gave The Best Nod To The Glory Of 'Wonder Woman'

Bow down.

Mr. Deadpool himself is giving credit where credit is due. 

Ryan Reynolds took to social media on Monday to offer some praise on the box office success of “Wonder Woman.”

The film starring Gal Gadot just surpassed the 2016 domestic box office figures of Reynolds’ “Deadpool,” with $368.5 million in earnings as of Sunday, compared to the other’s $363.1 million, per Box Office Mojo. 

While “Deadpool” currently rules the global box office ― with $783.1 million in earnings compared to $745.6 million ― “Wonder Woman” still has momentum in theaters. 

Director Patty Jenkins thanked Reynolds and the “Deadpool” team for the shoutout. 

“We love you and your movie too,” she wrote Monday over Twitter. (The actor is currently filming the sequel to his own superhero flick, which has a projected 2018 release.)

“Wonder Woman” has broken multiple records since its release in early June.  

“It’s an incredible achievement when you look at the success of this movie,” Warner Bros. President of Domestic Distribution Jeff Goldstein previously told HuffPost. “The real story is the fact that Princess Diana has really hit everybody ― young and old, male and female.”

“It’s truly a four-quadrant movie. The universal themes of what ‘Wonder Woman’ stands for are really positive. When you look at what Patty Jenkins put together in a movie, it really is fun.”

Get it, girls. 



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