RyanAir Is About To Get Even Cheaper... And Probably More Crowded, Too

Well this is just plane stunning.

RyanAir, Europe's infamously cheap budget airline, is looking to cut ticket prices by as much as 15 percent in the next two years, Reuters UK reports. That would put the average RyanAir flight at just 40 euro, or about $44 USD.

In an interview with a French newspaper, RyainAir CEO Michael O'Leary said the cheap prices will stem from lower fuel costs and "growing passenger numbers" on each RyanAir plane.

If that means an 11-seat-across setup in addition to RyanAir's already crowded conditions, then count us out. The airline is already notorious for seating snafus, and we're not looking for more stress when we travel.

Let's also remember this isn't the first time RyanAir has talked a big (or cheap) game, and historically, they don't always follow through. Last month, the airline backtracked after announcing it would offer transatlantic flights for $10.

We'll believe cheap tickets when we see them.