Ryanair Cuts Fuel Costs In Bizarre Ways (PHOTOS)

Ryanair Asks Flight Attendants To Mind Their Weight To Help With Fuel Costs

Oh Ryanair. We can always count on you for a good laugh.

The budget European airline is once again up to its tricks, this time in dealing with rising fuel costs. The airline has announced that it will print its in-flight magazine (that will also double as an in-flight menu) on thinner paper, which will save the airline thousands of pounds in fuel and printing costs, according to The Telegraph. Ryanair will also cut the amount of ice taken on board the plane and reduce the weight of seats and carts.

But the real kicker is what flight attendants have been asked to do. Airline spokesman Stephen McNamara told The Telegraph: "We encourage staff to watch their weight – with the motivation of appearing in the annual Ryanair calendar.” (See the overly sexy calendar below.)

Think that's insane? Thai Airways requested the same of its flight attendants last March; the airline provided required BMI and waist line measurements and told employees they had six months to lose the weight. In August 2010, Turkish Airlines gave 28 flight attendants six months to lose weight or face termination.

Check out the calendar of flight attendants -- for which the airline is now asking them to maintain their weight -- below.

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