Ryanair Passenger Escorted Off Plane For Calling Food 'Rubbery'

A Ryan Air passenger dared to ask for something else to eat on a flight and was escorted off the plane upon landing, according to Gadling.

All Henrik Ulven wanted was a "fresh made premium sandwich" that the airline claims they serve. Instead, he got what he claimed was inedible and "tasted like rubber." He asked the flight attendant for something else to eat; the flight attendant told him, basically, to eat what he's given. Ulven thought she was kidding and kept complaining.

Wrong he was: upon landing at Norway's Rygge airport, local police boarded the plane and escorted him off. According to the police, he had given the cabin crew "a mouthful."

We know Ryanair is a low-cost carrier in Europe, but this is just mean.