Kid Is Having A Whole Lotta Trouble Getting This Kitten 'Situation' Under Control

What a pawsome predicament to be in!

This kid has a cat-tastrophe on his hands! Or so he thinks.

A video shared on YouTube features a boy named Ryder from Cedar Falls, Iowa, trying to herd five kittens and getting a tad bit overwhelmed in the cutest way possible. The best part? He calls the little felines "situations."

Watch as Ryder attempts to gather the kittens to his blanket. But anytime he goes to retrieve a kitten, more follow him, leaving the blanket designated for his furry flock.

"Oh! Now we got some more situations!" the adorable little fella says.

Ryder's mom, Lisa Richter, told The Huffington Post that the original video is much longer and her son actually broke a sweat trying to get all the kittens in one place. It's OK, Ryder. We really admire your perseverance!

Richter told HuffPost that Ryder won't have his hands quite so full for long. The kittens, who belong to a friend, are currently under the family's care and Richter says they've decided to adopt two of them. The other three, however, are still looking for homes.

If you're interested in the art of kitten herding, and would like to provide a forever home for one of the felines, you can reach out to Richter here. Your local shelter also has lots of kittens and cats looking for homes and a loving owner to herd them.

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