Rylan Salzman Confesses To Killing Father In Chilling 911 Call (AUDIO)

"I'm calling to confess to a killing."

Those are the first words in a disturbing call placed by 16-year-old Rylan Salzman to a 911 operator in Tacoma, Washington last Tuesday, according to KIRO

Salzman then tells the operator that he killed his father, Richard, by beating him over the head with a cane.

The operator asks where Salzman's body is.

"He's outside in a container of sorts," Salzman said.

Police later unearthed the body of Salzman's father in a wooden compost box in the family's backyard, KIRO reports.

Throughout the call, which can be heard above, Salzman is calm and collected.

Salzman claimed to the operator that the killing was not premeditated. But he said that he and his dad had been drinking when they got into an argument and his father shoved him.

"I said something to him and told him to stop, he shoved me and I had a cane in my hand at the time," Salzman said. "It wasn't premeditated or anything but I had been drinking and I just started swinging. We had a conflicted childhood past. It was sort of a tipping point."

He tells the operator he waited five days before confessing because he wanted to spend more time with his mom and sister. But after his mother wanted to hire a search party to find her husband, Salzman told her about the killing.

"This is a strange case of patricide," prosecutor Mark Lindquist said, according to KOMO. "The motives are still being investigated."

Salzman is charged with second-degree murder as an adult. He pleaded not guilty at a preliminary hearing on Friday.