'He Made My Skin Crawl': Conservative Pundit S.E. Cupp Hits 'Infuriating' Pence

CNN commentator slams the vice president for "the constant interruptions, the mansplaining, the condescending" during the debate with Kamala Harris.

Conservative commentator S.E. Cupp said Vice President Mike Pence did nothing to win over women voters during Wednesday night’s debate with Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

“Tonight he made my skin crawl,” Cupp said on CNN.

Cupp, a longtime critic of President Donald Trump who has said she’s voting for Joe Biden this year, said she’s met Pence and found him impressive.

But not tonight.

Pence “showed that you can be insulting without using insults: the constant interruptions, the mansplaining, the condescending to both of the women,” she said, referring to both Harris and debate moderator Susan Page of USA Today.

She said Pence refused to answer questions in a way that amounted to “gaslighting,” which she found “infuriating.”

But his behavior during the debate with the Democratic senator highlights a core problem within the GOP right now.

“If you’re looking for the reasons why white suburban women have been leaving the Republican Party in droves, yes, it’s the chaos, the confusion, the incompetence, the corruption,” she said, adding:

“It’s also the tone. And Mike Pence and Donald Trump have very different styles, but I found his dismissiveness and disrespect tonight very much cut from the same cloth, and I think suburban white women voters who were watching probably heard it the same.”

See her full comments below:

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