Sabine Moreau, Belgian Woman, Drives 900 Miles Off 90-Mile Route Because Of GPS Error

And we thought Apple Maps sent people on strange routes.

Sabine Moreau, a 67-year-old Belgian woman, meant to pick up a friend on Jan. 5 in Brussels, less than 90 miles from her house. However, because of a GPS error, she ended up more than 900 miles away -- in Croatia.

The unexpected journey took the woman across five international borders. By the time she hit Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, two days after leaving her house, Moreau finally realized she'd taken a wrong turn somewhere. She'd stopped several times to top off her gas tank and taken cat-naps in her car on the side of the road, the daily Het Nieuwsblad reports.

"I was distracted, so I kept going," Moreau admitted to El Mundo's Brussels correspondent. "I saw all kinds of signs, first in French, then in German and finally in Croatian, but I continued driving because I was distracted."

La Nouvelle Gazette reports Moreau's friend found other transportation to her house. Moreau's son had reported her missing to local police, who tracked her down by following her bank statements.

"When I passed Zagreb," she told La Nouvelle, "I told myself I should turn around."

Though Moreau admits she was distracted, alleged GPS errors have put other drivers in pretty strange predicaments.

In March, three Japanese tourists vacationing in Australia found themselves stuck in several feet of water after their GPS system told them to forgo roads and drive directly through Moreton Bay to reach an island.

Similarly, in August, a man drove straight into an Alaska harbor after claiming his GPS told him to turn right. The directions took him down a launch ramp and into the water, the Los Angeles Times reported at the time.

MAP of Moreau's accidental adventure:


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