Sabra Hummus Ad Features Real-Life Gay Couple

Adorable Hummus Ad Features Real-Life Gay Couple

Sabra Hummus just made an awesome display of support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community by including a real-life gay couple in their latest advertising campaign.

Larry Sullivan and Dave Monahan are a married gay couple who both work as actors. According to Towleroad, Sullivan has appeared in "Modern Family," "CSI" and "Will & Grace," while Monahan appeared in "Crossing Jordan" and "Dawson's Creek." Sullivan gave Towleroad the scoop about how the Sabra gig came about:

"I got a call for an audition, just like any other. They were looking for a same-sex couple for a Sabra Hummus spot. Not necessarily a real life gay couple, but I asked my agents if I should bring Dave, anyway. My agents called the casting directors, who know both of us, and they said, 'Absolutely.' So, we both went on the first audition together. Actually, I remember being paired up with someone else, since there was a large group of actors there, and asking, 'Is it okay if I go in with my legal husband instead?' They laughed."

Including same-sex couples in advertising is a popular way for companies to both enhance mainstream LGBT visibility and show support for the queer community. In the past, companies like Target, Tiffany, Wells Fargo and Hallmark have all featured ads with gay couples, just to name a few.

In 2013, The Associated Press even published an article detailing how gay-themed ads were becoming increasingly mainstream.

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