Sabrina Boing Boing vs. Jonah Falcon: The Weird News Top 10 (VOTE)

It's hard to be bigger than Jon Hamm, but in one critical way, Jonah Falcon is -- and he has some advice for the towering 'Mad Men" star.

Falcon is better known as the man with the world's biggest penis, and this 13.5-inch legend has some compassion for Hamm and the below-the-waist attention he's been getting.

"He needs to just nod and chuckle, but not answer any questions," Falcon told weird news reporter Dave Moye.

Falcon also suggested tighter underwear, so Hamm's pork doesn't jiggle so much in front of paparazzi, and perhaps a bulge-disguising wallet in his front pockets.

"As you get older, your balls drop and need support," Falcon said. "If it's his penis that's causing the problem, he can point it up like European men."

It's not clear what advice could be offered to Brazilian model Sabrina Boing Boing, who caused quite a stir by posting photos of herself breastfeeding a calf. As editor Emily Thomas wrote, it was "udderly" ridiculous.

Other weird news chatter this week involved bacon condoms, the FBI's 'flying saucer" memo and a "dead" prostitute that came back to life after being placed in a coffin.

In Alabama, a billboard outside a strip club read, "Strip For Me - Jesus' and it wasn't put there by the club. It was put there by a nearby church to rustle up membership.

In Tennessee, a woman was allegedly caught performing oral sex at a car dealership because she was looking for a "better deal" on a Cadillac.

In Zimbabwe, A "dead" prostitute turned out not to be, when she rose from her coffin.

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Weird News Top 10 (March 25-31)