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Sabrina Timms Gets New Kidney From Ex-Fiance Daniel Burdick (VIDEO)

Maybe they weren't a perfect couple, with dreams different enough to cause them to end their engagement eight years ago. But it turns out Daniel Burdick and Sabrina Timms of Petaluma Calif., are a perfect match in another far more important way.

Timms is in desperate need of a kidney after suffering from double renal failure in January 2013, she told KTVU. And while neither her father nor her uncle were a match, ex-fiance Burdick is.

On Tuesday, Burdick is giving her one of his kidneys.

"Daniel volunteered immediately," Timms' mother, Julie Timms, told KGO in San Francisco.

Despite the break-up, the two have remained close. They have a child together -- a little girl named Hope -- and Timms has an older daughter, and they co-parent both children.

"It was very easy. Very easy for me to decide," Burdick told KTVU as he clutched Hope. "I mean, she loves her mom and her mom's a really good mom."

As a result of the transplant, the very dream that drove them apart is being put on hold. The couple's relationship ended when Timms wanted to settle down while Burdick wanted to pursue his music, and that pursuit was about to reach its highest point yet with a national tour this summer.

"That tour was my biggest dream," Burdick told KGO.

Now, he's going to need at least a year of recovery -- but Burdick says that's not a problem.

"That's the important part, you know, just make sure that she's good," Burdick told the station. "Music can come later. It never dies. It's gonna be in the heart."

The pair hope that others may be inspired to donate a kidney to someone in need. You can learn more on the website of the American Kidney Fund or visit Donate Life America.

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