Sacha Baron Cohen 'Kills' Elderly Woman At Awards Show

Sacha Baron Cohen 'Kills' Elderly Woman At Awards Show

When Sacha Baron Cohen isn't throwing Kim Jong Il's fake ashes all over Ryan Seacreast on the Oscars' red carpet, he's fake killing an "elderly woman" who "worked" with Charlie Chaplin.

Cohen, who won the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award for Excellence in Comedy at Saturday night's Britannia Awards, took the stage to accept his honor alongside a woman purported to be Grace Collington, the last living person to have worked with Chaplin. Collington, said to be 87, handed Cohen a cane, he did a Chaplin impersonation, and then shoved the actress off the stage, "killing her."

As the Los Angeles Times reports, however, there was no Grace Collington; the actress on stage (and then off stage) was a stuntwoman. According to, Cohen's prank was well-received by the crowd. Per the site, attendees were left "rollicking [with] laughter of the sort you rarely hear at these events."

"What a great way to go," Cohen said while accepting his award, before turning to the "deceased" actress' family. "Try and sue! She's dead. Get over it." Watch the video above.

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