Sacha Baron Cohen Asks Dick Cheney To Sign A Waterboard Kit In New TV Show Teaser

A short video from the "Borat" creator implies he has been "secretly filming a new show for a year.”

Sacha Baron Cohen has dropped a hint about a major upcoming project. 

The “Borat” creator on Sunday tweeted a roughly 20-second trailer that opens with simple text: “Imagine if Sacha Baron Cohen had been undercover secretly filming a new show for a year.”

The clip then cuts to former Vice President Dick Cheney in an interview chair, apparently agreeing to sign “a waterboard kit” at the request of someone off-camera ― someone who sounds an awful lot like Cohen disguising his voice to play a new character. 

“That’s a first,” Cheney says, as he appears to autograph the item in his lap. “That’s the first time I’ve ever signed a waterboard.”

Cheney is known for his support of so-called enhanced interrogation techniques, including waterboarding, which the CIA used in the fight against al-Qaeda after the Sept. 11 attacks. The techniques have since been discontinued, but the former vice president argued they should be reinstated during an interview with Fox Business in May. 

The clip seems to be from an upcoming (and mysterious) Showtime show Cohen apparently has been working on. The show is set to premiere July 15 and reportedly focuses on the U.S. New York magazine editors spotted posters teasing the new program ― featuring the phrases “Who is America?” and “You’ve Been Warned” ― in Brooklyn over the weekend. 

The tweet comes days after Cohen posted a video teasing President Donald Trump, who was a target of “Da Ali G” show in a 2003 episode.