Sacha Baron Cohen Reveals His Genius Last-Minute Prep For Pranking Dick Cheney

The comedian armed himself with a bulletproof clipboard for another segment on "Who Is America?"

Sacha Baron Cohen spilled the beans on what went on behind the scenes during the filming of satirical series “Who Is America?” on Tuesday’s broadcast of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The British comedian revealed the hilarious last-minute precaution he was so glad he took before interviewing Dick Cheney for an episode that aired this year, in which he got the former vice president to sign a waterboard kit.

Cohen also explained why he armed himself with a bulletproof clipboard for another prank, and trained with the FBI ahead of his sit-down with former footballer and ex-con O.J. Simpson.

Check out the interviews above and below:

And watch Cohen leaping back into character as Borat to prank supporters of President Donald Trump here.