Sacha Baron Cohen Oscar Ban: Academy Awards Will Let Star Walk Red Carpet

Our long national nightmare is finally over. Late Friday night, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences lifted its "ban" on Sacha Baron Cohen, meaning the comic will be allowed to walk the red carpet at the Oscars on Sunday dressed as General Admiral Aladeen, his character from the upcoming comedy "The Dictator."

"VICTORY!" Cohen Aladeen tweeted with a photo of himself holding a gold-plated gun and two Oscar tickets (click below).

Though while Cohen-as-Aladeen triumphed over "the Zionist snakes of Hollywood," the victory didn't come without a price. According to TheWrap, many in the AMPAS are still upset about Cohen's planned red carpet stunt and don't feel its appropriate. Still, officials want Cohen's representatives and Paramount (the studio releasing "The Dictator") to provide details of Cohen's plans, so that proper security measures can be implemented.

"Do we have concerns?" said an Academy Awards source to TheWrap. "Yes. Did we say, 'Please stunt the red carpet?' No."

Of course, whether Cohen even pulls off this stunt remains to be seen. After all, he might just show up as himself. "Only Sacha knows," said the Academy source.

"The Dictator" is out in theaters on May 11.