Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno Set-Crashing Secret: Being Ben Silverman's Cousin (VIDEO)

Is one of Sacha Baron Cohen's tricks to getting access for his character Bruno feigning blood relationships to top executives?

Last November Cohen, in character as flamboyant fashion journalist Bruno, disrupted NBC's "Medium," where he had landed a role as an extra.

Around the same time he was also crashing fashion shows and Prop 8 rallies.

Monday on "The View" "Medium" star Patricia Arquette relived the Bruno-crashing day and then explained how Cohen, at least temporarily, got away with repeatedly ruining a courtroom scene.

"One of the heads of the network is Ben Silverman," Arquette explained. "And they said it was Ben Silverman's cousin, so everyone was scared of him. Like, what do we do? But it was Sacha Baron Cohen."