VIDEO: Get Ready To Dream Of Sacher Torte

The Dreamiest Sacher Torte We've Ever Seen (VIDEO)

Via Bon Appetit

Some cooking videos are useful for demonstrating techniques in real time, showing us how to complete a recipe without committing any major errors. Other videos show us cuisines from around the world that we otherwise wouldn't see, unless we could afford the plane ticket. And then there's this video.

This video makes you want to shimmy head-first into a bowl of melting chocolate. It might even make you want to quit your day job, move to Europe and bake cakes all day. And then at the end of that day, you'll settle down for a cozy nap on a pillow made of fluffy white meringue. No, we're not crazy. We just finished watching the video above, that's all.

Sacher torte is a Viennese dessert made of two layers of dense, slightly bitter chocolate cake that sandwich a layer of apricot jam and are enveloped in a dark chocolate icing. The dead giveaway that you're eating a Sacher torte? The word "Sacher" is usually inscribed in cursive icing on top.

We dare you to watch this video and not want to make our recipe for Sacher torte. We dare you.

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