Sacred Riana's Weird 'America's Got Talent' Magic Act Is Beyond WTF

Voodoo, wall-climbing and getting on Mel B's nerves are just part of this act's, er, charm.

The Sacred Riana continued to weird out “America’s Got Talent” on Tuesday.

Mixing horror movie themes and voodoo-doll trickery all while getting under Mel B’s skin, the magician played with fire in the quarterfinals.

The bizarre performance abruptly cut to a commercial as she scaled a wall, devil-possessed style, but caught the panelists’ reactions:

“You’re brilliant,” Simon Cowell said. “I hope I see you in the final.”

Howie Mandel added: “You know, last night I went to see one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time, ‘Crazy Rich Asians.’ And today I feel like I’m in the middle of ‘Really Scary Asians.’ ... You seem magical. You don’t seem happy.”

“Yeah,” Mel B chimed in.

“I did think that this was a great performance,” Heidi Klum said. “I just wish there was a little bit more wow to the actual magic.”

The Sacred Riana, who won “Asia’s Got Talent,” is certainly off the wall:

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