Sacred Soul Shifts

I recently returned from a trip to Sedona, AZ, with my reiki healer, Zenzi Sky, and there is no denying, Sedona is a place of deep spiritual connection. That trip changed my life as I went out to search for a break through, from the constant routine of thought and life that I was living. When I was there I experienced what I call a sacred soul shift, that moment when clarity sets in and everything you have been questioning starts to make sense. That moment when you feel your heart opening and love starts shining bright. It’s what made me decide to dig deeper and find out from an expert what causes a soul shift.

I reached out to, Yogi Amrit Desai, the last living guru from the early 1960s who brought yoga to the West. He is recognized as one of the greatest emissaries of India’s ancient yogic heritage. In recognition of his work, he was honored in 2013 with the International Yoga Grand Master award. Yogi Amrit Desai has received several International awards; he has been featured in numerous publications including the NY Times and honored for his work as an author, including seven literary awards.

While spending sacred time at the ashram, Amrit Yoga Institute, in Salt Springs, FL, I asked Gurudev Amritji Desai the following questions regarding what it takes for people to become unstuck in their current marry-go-round situation of life and shift into their spiritual awakening, this is what he had to say.

So many people today are stuck and looking for answers, how do they make a shift?

Most people who are searching for the meaning of life are approaching it the wrong way. They are trying to solve the problem that appears as symptoms on the surface of life which leaves the cause unaddressed. They are trying to find a spiritual answer through outer means such as work, relationships, socialization, but this just causes more disharmony. It’s all about you, the perceiver, you are the cause of being stuck; your perceptions are causing the symptoms of unhappiness. The way to shift is through Yoga Nidra, which I teach, it’s a form of meditation that helps one to go beyond the ego mind and resolve the cause of feeling stuck. This is how to shift and awaken.

For someone who is new to all of this in simple terms they are searching for answers outside of themselves when really the answers can be found by drawing attention within, correct?

Yes you need to go beyond the ego mind. Yoga Nidra takes you back to who you really are, you are not the time bound ego mind that functions in the dimension of time through the medium of the mind. You are the soul, the source of oneness within. But it has separated from the source of oneness looking for connection outside and the more the ego mind looks outside the more it gets frustrated and angry blaming itself, it feels guilty and fearful about the search and you are destined to fail when you look for wholeness where it’s not. It’s all about turning to the source of love within.

What happens when someone practices Yoga Nidra?

It’s a yogic sleep that goes below the ego mind into the subconscious integration of consciousness. It returns you to I AM, who you truly are, not what your ego says you are. With Yoga Nidra you are expanding the conscious mind and moving past the ego mind.

Why does it take a major crisis like death or divorce to create a shift or Wake Up call to happen?

The events that wake you up to self-destructive patterns created by your ego mind and self-image make you realize that you are separated from your source, a realization that something is no longer working. You decide you no longer want to be connected to the memories and trauma of your past because that’s where conflict lives, so you shift by connecting within which begins your spiritual awakening.

So if you are wanting more out of life, don’t wait for a crisis to happen. Take control so you can shift and remember it’s all about the journey. It takes time to master our reactions because the ego mind causes us to react quickly. So the next time you are frustrated, angry, or confused stop and take a deep breath, by slowing down your breathing you will have more control over your thoughts. The key to making a shift is to go past the ego, that’s where true healing and awakening takes place and it’s in the silence of turning within during a meditative state where sacred soul shifts happen.

Every time I enter the gates of the Amrit Yoga Institute, I instantly feel the peace that fills the grounds. The amount of love that’s shared with open hearts and the serenity that’s experienced makes me want to keep going back for more. In today’s electronic world it’s easy to get caught up in the ego mind and the stresses of life. So if you are stuck and wondering how to get out of the current position you perceive yourself to be in it’s time for a sacred soul shift.

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