Everywhere You Are Is Sacred Space

I have to wonder if sacred space is really confined to a particular place that each of us has to go to in order to feel centered and peaceful. Instead of us going to it, why can't it come to us?
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It is becoming more and more prevalent these days with those who are spiritually-minded to create a sacred space within their home. They use a corner of a room and place candles, stones, or simply some of their favorite things there, and sit in silent meditation. Many people carry that idea over into their workplace and display pictures of loved ones and objects that are meaningful to them on a small area of their desk in order to feel grounded when their job becomes stressful.

However, I have to wonder if sacred space is really confined to a particular place that each of us has to go to in order to feel centered and peaceful. Instead of us going to it, why can't it come to us? Maybe sacred space can actually follow us around. Wouldn't that be nice? Always feeling centered no matter where we are?

It all comes down to having an awareness of being surrounded by love and peace at all times -- having a close connection to one's soul, not just one's physicality. Take a look at the following techniques and see if you can create your own sacred space... wherever you are:

1) The Bubble

Envision yourself inside a beautiful bubble of light. This bubble can be iridescent, or white, or any color that you love. Practice being in the sanctity of this cocoon. Sit in it, walk around, do whatever you want to do, but remain in your imaginary pod. Everything around you is happening as usual; however, nothing can come inside the sacred space of your bubble -- no one else's drama, no stress -- because inside, you know that nothing can touch you. Its energy transcends whatever you are doing. All is peace and love.

2) The Magnet

As you go about your day, think of yourself as a human magnet. The only situations and individuals that are attracted to you, and vice versa, are good, positive, and uplifting. Everything else simply falls away. The things that make you happy -- that you want around you -- are made of metal. These wonderful people, places, and things are drawn to you and stick like glue. All of the other stuff is just plastic.

3) The Movie

Observe life as if you are watching a movie. Which people form the main cast of characters? Who are in the supporting roles? Stand back and look around. Is everyone acting their usual part? Are the same little episodes playing out just as they have a thousand times before? Be an audience member. Does any of what is going on really involve you or can you detach from the scene? Do you need to be a part of the action or is observing from an emotional distance a viable alternative? Make a cameo appearance when it's your cue; otherwise, just keep watching.

4) The Sound of Music

Yes, this is in fact a movie, but I'm not suggesting that you start watching it every day. No, what I'm getting at here is the power of music to calm the mind and soothe the body. Investing in a pair of ear buds, (or ear plugs!) can be exactly what you need to create your portable sacred space. Tuning in to relaxing music, or even total silence, and tuning out the rest of the world for a short while, may be just what your psyche ordered. So when feasible, make quiet time for yourself anywhere you can. Let go of all the unnecessary noise around you. Getting some real peace and quiet, even for a brief moment in the day, is extremely helpful in centering the self.

5) The Walk

We all walk from here to there during the course of a busy day. Make that time count as sacred time. Be mindful of your body's movement. Feel your arms and legs cutting through the thickness of the air. Ideally, find a way to walk outside as much as possible, even if it's through the middle of a bustling city. They say the fresh air does wonders for a person, and they're right.

When away from city life, being surrounded by trees, water, rocks, birds, and grass, is healing in every way. Let nature speak to you. Listen to it. Become a part of it. Be open to its ancient teachings of growth, death, and rebirth -- the cycle of life. Walking on a tree-lined trail can feel like an outdoor cathedral, filling one with reverence and awe for the beauty of God's creation. Your cares and concerns will seem quite small, and you will find peace.

6) The Commute

Whether you are driving back and forth from the office, soccer practice, or appointments; taking the train into town for the day; or flying for business or pleasure; there is useful quiet time there that should not be overlooked. Traveling time that is spent alone can be "me time." Use those moments in the day to focus on your breathing, your positive thoughts, and your intentions. Don't think about work or what you have to do next. Be present in those minutes or hours. That time should be spent getting to know yourself, nurturing your connection with Spirit, and thinking of all the wonderful things for which you have to be grateful.

Make no mistake about it. You can take your sacred space with you. With practice, doing so will feel essential to your body's DNA. As each day passes, a sense of serenity will grow inside of you, until it profoundly transforms your everyday existence. You will dwell in your personal sanctuary, and your personal sanctuary will dwell in you. Connect to the energy of your soul by living in sacred space, and peace will be with you, always.