Sacred Spaces: Seane Corn's Portable Yurt (VIDEO)

It's been said the body is a temple, but yoga expert Seane Corn says that her temple is... her own private yurt.

It doesn't hurt that her yurt -- a round, tent-like hut that comes in a kit -- sits on 14 breathtaking acres of land in Southern California. "When you look off the deck of this yurt, you see the Pacific Ocean from Malibu all the way to the coastline of Santa Monica," says Seane. "On a good day, you can see the mountains and their snowcaps. We built the yurt as a temporary structure to be able to practice yoga, to meditate, to get very quiet."

Seane says she travels 250 days out of the year teaching yoga. When she returns home to California, she answers the call to center herself by heading to her private yurt. "When I come up here, all of a sudden I can take a deep breath," she says. "And when I release the tension I feel more vulnerable. When I feel more vulnerable I am more apt to surrender. And when I surrender, I am certainly in the presence of God."

The yurt's also not a bad place to sleep. "I sleep well up here 'cause there's no phone," Seane says. "There's no TV. I've got a ton of books. To be disconnected from technology is an absolute relief, so I come up here just to cleanse myself of all that energy."

Above all, Seane says her sacred space allows her to return to her center. "What I realize when I get up here is how being by myself is vitally important," she says. "Being alone forces me to have to take a really good, long, hard look at myself and some of the choices that I've made. We forget simply to stop and to breathe. Just simply doing that is a sacred act. Those are the moments that I treasure."

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