Sacrificial Chair By Thing Industries Has Us Rethinking Our Cluttered Ways (PHOTO)

Well, this makes us feel silly.

There's a good chance that your clothes don't always make it back into your closet every night. Ours don't. You know what we're talking about: A top or jeans that you've only worn once that isn't quite ready to be washed again gets tossed on a bedside chair rather than hung up with its companions. Well, designers Bridie Picot and Matt Smith created the Sacrificial Chair to poke fun of this lazy habit. A description on their site says, "Like a lamb to the gods we give you this chair to sacrifice to your clothes."

This "seat" launched at ICFF 2013 along with five other clever furniture pieces, including a furry footstool and stackable tables. And the best part? This tongue-in-cheek product is available online for only $180.

sacrificial chair

Click through the slideshow below to see nine other chairs that push design boundaries.

Cool Chair Designs

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