Sacrificial Sheep Jumps Off Building To Avoid Being Sacrificed (VIDEO)

WATCH: Some Animals Will Do Anything To Avoid Being Sacrificed

The Eid al-Adha festival is known as an opportunity for second chances, but this year, the animals are the ones reaping the benefits.

In Makkah, Saudi Arabia, one sheep that felt a knife on its throat jumped off a building to escape, but, luckily, was caught by its horns in a power cable.

The owners recovered the sheep a moment later, Emirates24/7 reported. It is unknown whether the animal escaped sacrifice.

The incident happened Oct. 26 in Algeria as part of Eid al-Adha, known to Muslims as the "Festival of Sacrifice."

As part of the festival, owners who can afford it slaughter a cow, goat, sheep or camel. They keep a portion to feed themselves and distribute the rest to friends, family and the needy.

It seems this year, the animals are fighting back. A ram in Annaba, Algeria, was singled out to be sacrificed in a religious ceremony, but then turned around and head-butted its owner to death.

The ram's owner had come home just after performing some prayers at dawn. When the man picked up a large knife and began getting the ram ready for sacrifice, the animal butted him so hard that he "fell on the ground and died minutes later," according to Emirates 24/7's translation of Algerian newspaper Khabar.

Meanwhile, a 52-year-old man in Rafah in the Gaza Strip, was trampled to death by a cow he was preparing to slaughter. The cow got spooked, ran wild and killed its owner and injured three other people before being captured, Digital Journal reported.

Ibrahim Al Kidra, a deputy minister of agriculture in the Gaza Strip, told the Telegraph: “We ask people to use official areas and allow professionals to make their sacrifices, but as this costs $150, most people try to kill the animals at home, despite the dangers.”

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