SAD! Anti-Vaccine Group Funds Study That Denies Autism Link

An anti-vaccine organization called Safe Minds funded a long-term scientific study in the hopes of proving that vaccines caused autism. However, the results that came back proved otherwise, showing no link between vaccines and autism.

The study, conducted by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), took place over the course of six years and observed the behavioral changes in infant monkeys after they were given vaccines.

The PNAS study found no behavioral changes in the vaccinated monkeys, as well as no changes in the brains of the animals. After receiving the results, Safe Minds claimed that the researchers were biased and didn’t conduct the study correctly, but it’s obvious the organization only funded the study to further their own false narrative.

Hopefully this study can persuade anti-vaxxer parents to see the truth and vaccine their children for their benefit.

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