People Are Sad AF About A Pit Bull No Trick-Or-Treaters Would Pet

But there was a happy ending for Dublin the dog.
Dublin the pit bull and his human, William.
Dublin the pit bull and his human, William.

A tweet about a pit bull named Dublin who didn’t get pet by trick-or-treaters is giving people a serious case of the sads.

The dog’s owner, William, tweeted photos featuring a disappointed Dublin in devil ears on Oct. 31 and they quickly went viral, receiving over 109,000 likes and 49,000 retweets:

“[My mom] was sitting on the porch with him and kids were too scared to pet him,” William explained to The Huffington Post.

Although it’s never a good idea to pet an unfamiliar dog — of any breed — without the owner’s permission, unfair stigmas against pit bulls probably didn’t help Dublin’s situation.

To make matters worse, William also tweeted two more photos of Dublin from that night that seemed to solidify the pit bull’s gloom:

And the other showed “tears” in the dog’s eye.  (Experts say dogs don’t really cry in the same way people do, but this photo is still pretty sad.)

And much like any human being who sees a dog’s despondent face, Twitter users collectively freaked out:

It was a pretty tense situation. William had to give into a vice, a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto, just to deal with his — and the Internet’s —pain:

Things did, however, take a turn for the paw-some as soon as William’s aunt got a bright idea.

“Later on my aunt jokingly told the kids they had to pet him to get the good candy,” William told The Huffington Post.

Thanks to an adult inviting kids to pet Dublin - and reassuring that it would be safe - the glum pup perked up, giving this tail a very happy ending.



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