Saddam's About Dead! Don't You All Feel Safer Now?

There are still those people out there who- despite years of documentation to the contrary-believe that Saddam worked with Osama on 9/11, done move his WMD to Siria and heck, even was behind the anthrax attacks.

I am trying to write this post from their perspective.

And it come to be that after nine elven then, of course, Presidant and fine Christian man George W. Bush prayed a lot, and then came to kno that he was commanded by the Lord to invade Irak and take out the evil Saddam.

And it was our nephew Kevin who heard the clarion call and signed up so that he could fight the evil what done nocked down the towers and who thretened the Biblically propheside land of Israel and who done invaded Quwate.

Then, on the comand of our heroic Presdent Bush who was following God's advice to what all he should do to keep us safe, our blessed troops entered Irak and found Saddam the evil one but the cowerd, hidin' in a rathole.

And then Saddamn faced justice, a justice he denyed to all the Sheeah and Kurds Muslems.

And as they say in the Bible an eye for an eye and a toth for a tooth. So tonight, Saddam was hang and now he has to face the ultimate judge. Which of course, we all will when we dye and also when the Rapture cometheth

There might still be some car boms and all but it will soon not only dawn on them but all the other terrists in Irak and Iran and all them other places will now realize that if they mess with the U.S., we won't only put a boot in there ass but a noose around their neck.

That will mean that despite what the libral media says and that damn bunch of lawers the Irak Study Group done wrote, we are a-gonna see less and less terism as time goes on.

And for that God bless our herioc Presidant Mr. George W. Bush.