Sadie Robinson Allegedly Tries To Set Fire To Apartment With Exploding Lube

This will probably cause some friction.

Sadie Robinson, 29, allegedly tried to burn down the Warrensburg, N.Y. apartment she shares with her boyfriend, Peter Moody, and their two children by placing a can of WD-40 lubricant in the oven at 400 degrees, WNYT reported.

Police say Robinson attempted to set the fire Monday morning, while Moody was asleep in the apartment, Hudson Valley YNN reports. Steven Stockdale, a lieutenant with the Warren County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Unit, told the station that after turning on the oven, Robinson fled with the children -- ages 15 months and 3 months -- and headed to the airport.

Moody told deputies he awoke to find the home completely filled with smoke, and quickly realized his girlfriend and children were missing.

Deputies located Robinson a few hours later, attempting to get on a plane to Florida with the kids. According to the North Country Gazette, she had purchased the tickets -- and also withdrawn $2,500 cash -- with an IRS refund card she had stolen from Moody.

Lt. Stockade told the Post Star that the can could have ignited if the temperature had gotten hot enough.

“It does have a flashpoint and could have caused an explosion,” he said.

Stockdale also noted that authorities believe Robinson tried to set the fire because of "a problem in their relationship."

Moody suffered no injuries in the incident, and damages to the home are minimal.

Robinson was charged with attempted arson and grand larceny, and is prohibited from contact with her children.



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