Sadly, Arianna, "Hardball-Playing Democrats" Is An Oxymoron

The humiliating spectacle of this quivering party, returned to power with the express mandate of stopping this sadistic madman and instead contemptibly giving him whatever he wants, as if he wasn't the most despised man in America, is beyond nauseating. "Poor us, we don't have the votes to stop the war." What sickening crap! As Arianna pointed out, in fact they can stop the war any Goddamn time they want, and what they're really saying is, "We don't have the balls to stop the war. We stink of fear for our jobs and nothing is more important to us than that, certainly not mere trifles like the lives of our citizens, or the Constitution."

Isn't there a single member of this castrated party capable of explaining that cutting off funds for the war does not mean that the troops will be left instantly bulletless on the battlefield, but rather that there is going to come a time in the not-too-distant future when there will be no more money for weapons, and so Bush had better get the troops out of harm's way before that happens or whatever befalls them will be his fault?

How about this? Cut off funds to the Democrats. When they call or email asking for contributions, tell them, not a penny more for you spineless wimps until you stop the war! If everyone who shares my disgust actually did this, the war would be stopped by Christmas.