This November: It's SAFE California Time

My name is MC Hammer. I am a proud endorser of the SAFE California ballot initiative to replace the death penalty with a maximum sentence of life without parole. I support SAFE California because our death penalty system is broken, it's costly and worst of all, it takes time and attention away from solving rape and murder cases. That's because we've spent $4 billion since 1978 on 13 executions, trials and appeals. That's more than $300 million per convicted inmate.

I was even more shocked when I learned that 46% -- nearly half! -- of all murders in California remain unsolved. More than half -- 56% -- of reported rapes are never solved. And murders with African-American and Latino victims are even more likely to remain unsolved, putting all our families and communities at risk.

That's not justice. That's insanity at a time when we're closing down schools and laying off teachers.

I'm doing all I can to let California voters know that it's time to replace the death penalty. Our focus should be on finding murders and rapists and bringing them to justice. Period.

I hope you'll join me and support the SAFE California Act.