A Safe In A Mattress? 'Caja Mi Colchón' Launches Bed Line In Spain, Capitalizes On Bank Fears

Does Europe's financial crisis keep you up at night? A Spanish company might just have the solution to help you sleep soundly, knowing you have any impending bank runs beat.

Introducing the Caja Mi Colchón, or "My Mattress Safe," a bed manufactured with a small safe embedded in it. The unique bedroom item is intended to ease the concern of those who keep their mind on their money -- but would prefer to have their whole body on it.

An NPR report promises this is no April Fool's joke. The mattress safe was created by Paco Santos, himself a laid-off worker with experience in manufacturing mattresses.

"I had a hunch that this new product would sell," Santos told NPR's blog, the two-way. "You see, we've got big economic problems in Spain, and people have really lost confidence in the banks."

The beds themselves sell for 875 euros each (approximately $1,125) and -- according to Santos, at least -- are selling like hotcakes, reports the Wall Street Journal. Those sales are at least partly due to some breathless marketing that includes a series of YouTube videos portraying economic calamity.

In one such video, posted to the product's website, Spaniards take to the streets in protest as "thieves" capitalize on the collapse of the bank. Dramatic background music fades as a young man approaches his mattress, itself bathed in a golden, dreamy light. He punches a few keys in a safe embedded therein, and, after seeing his valuables stored safely, a tear rolls back up his cheek.

The video ends with the slogan, "tu dinero muy cerca de ti -- y muy lejos de los bancos." Roughly, "your money very close to you -- and very far from the banks."