#SafeSlut: Why Mutual Masturbation Is The SEXIEST Thing You Can Do

There's a real benefit to taking things into your own hands.

Sluts get a bad rap and masturbation often does too (particularly female masturbation,) but, if you are like me, you know that both exist as a functioning part of human sexuality.

I heard this line in a movie recently, that "sex is neither as good or as evil as you make it out to be," which means that if we were to get over all the taboo around sex, we’d accept it, and all it’s facets, for what it is, a natural part of human nature.

I don’t think we should blindly follow typical monogamy rules, does that make me a slut? If so, be it.

But, is it really so uncommon to want sex without strings attached? In a word, NO. I’ve also heard that most people in a relationship fantasize about breaking up every day.

However, let’s be honest, in a world where monogamy is king and marriage and couplehood reign queen, we are too hard-pressed to really embrace sexual freedom with several partners. It’s just not a viable option for many.

Social stigma aside, there are some logistical concerns associated with sleeping around that self-proclaimed sluts — and all others who dream of sleeping around and/or those who even entertain the idea — must first acknowledge.

First things first, sexually transmitted infections, STDs, and STIs are very real things.

Sure, condom usage is a given but not always a guarantee, and let’s face it (let’s be real here) putting on a condom or using a dental dam can feel awkward at times and in some cases, it can alter the mood.

Not to mention they distract from the beauty of our human bodies, stripping away from the raw, salacious nature of sex, and causing sex to be goal oriented.

I am one for embracing sexual gratitude, with that said, I am still a fan of sex and creative use of prophylactics, and wanted to share an even better way to be slutty with several partners that doesn’t involve fellatio, cunnilingus, or coitus.

We don’t have to put our mouths on each other’s genitals, we don’t have to spread our legs, or even penetrate the skin to get each other off.

It’s true, we don’t even have to have bodily contact to get each other off.

It’s sometimes hot enough, taking our clothes off in front of someone else, letting them know how aroused we are by them and agreeing to engage in mutual masturbation without actually touching one another.

I think the acknowledgment is key here.

The other person becomes aware of how turned on you are and, by masturbating, in their presence, each party gets a key into the other's sexuality, like a bird's eye view. It lets us each be a participant in something that doesn’t feel too much like pressure, like you have to take the next step further, and isn’t too forced.

In my opinion, mutual masturbation also opens up our playing field even wider.

We can express our sexuality, show someone how hot they make us, be sexual in each other’s presence, yet, not engage in something that might make us feel pushed into a corner, or which might bring up awkward feelings later on.

Mutual masturbation is the easiest and safest way to have a no-strings-attached interlude.

When you are a safe slut, you’ve got to become creative with your dalliances, you’ve got to find a way of getting your needs met, while also still being sexual and stunning, hot and lascivious.

Since the typical M.O. of a slut is to be sexual, you want to do it in a safe and ethical manner, so you can keep enjoying your sexual freedom with no heady repercussions.

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